World's first merino wool climbing shoes.

Woolrala is the world's first merino wool climbing shoe. Our blend of 84% Australian Merino Wool and 16% Polyester means the specially woven fabric is strong but soft, resulting in the comfiest climbing shoes ever.

Most of today's climbing shoes are tailored to provide peak performance. In order to make the toe a powerful focal point, designers have come up with banana-shaped, pointy, uncomfortable shoe models. But shoes like these can turn a climber's feet into bruised, aching messes. And young climbers who choose aggressive performance shoes often suffer the most. 

Our mission is to liberate climbers' feet, everywhere. We've designed our shoes to conform to the human foot's natural movement and shape, so when you climb, it's all you. Our roomy toe box ensures that you're more conscious of your own power and that you're actively engaging every single muscle in your foot. A comfier shoe makes for increased endurance and improved foot work, as well as a finer-honed climbing ability. We guarantee that even our most aggressively down-turned shoes won't bite your feet. Comfort, flexibility, and sensitivity are the key focus of our shoes.
No pain, yes gain. 

merino Wool Advantage

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