Ariva G2
Ariva G2
Ariva G2
Ariva G2

Ariva G2

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We've made a few updates since the Ariva's first production run. Our brand new, harder rubber enables for better edging and increased durability—all without compromising any friction. Our stitching and finishes have also leveled up, and we've found a more suitable, breathable tongue fabric for maximum comfort.

The Ariva has been carefully designed for excellence in modern-style climbing, volumes, and sloper set routes. The powerful single strap locks your foot in place but makes it easy to take it on and off. The rubber toe patch is just as sticky as the outsole, making toe hooking easier than ever. The perfect shoe for artificial climbing walls. Excels at both indoor bouldering and competitive climbing. The anatomically designed midsole, outsole and heel cups are made out of a 3D injection mold for the perfect fit.  

  • Synthetic microfiber suede upper
  • Merino wool lining
  • Natural leather insole
  • Breathable mesh tongue
  • Powerful single strap
  • Non-marking high friction color rubber 
  • 3D molded heel cup outsole
  • Down cambered profile for precision footwork 
  • Sticky rubber toe patch
  • Designed with minimalism philosophy